Custom Fun: SkimStone bathroom

We have had the recent pleasure of helping a client with a “new build” bathroom. Our portion of the project was the floor and shower surround. The client chose SkimStone Decorative Concrete for these two surfaces. The bathroom will be a modern space and clean lines and sleek pieces.

first coat skimstone on a bathroom floorAfter two coats of bonding primer we installed the first coat of SkimStone using the color Storm. The floor finish will be seamless between the bathroom and walk-in shower. The hole in the center of the floor is for a free standing modern soaker tub. We can’t wait to post pictures of the finished product!

Skimstone decorative concrete on the shower floor and walls

A glimpse into the shower area.

The second coat of the floor was a skip trowel finish for movement and texture. We used Oystershell for this coat.

Finished bathroom floor with two color SkimStone decorative concrete application.

Just a touch of shine once the floor is finished with a seal coat. Now it’s ready for the rest of the bathroom to take shape.

The shower walls received a stenciled border in a tone on tone color palette for an understated element of interest.

A wave stencil adds interest to the cement walls.

Waves add interest to the cement walls.

The homeowner wanted a bench at the end of the shower.

The shower bench spans the full depth of the shower.

The bench was initially a corner seat, but upon further reflection the homeowner determined a full length bench would be more beneficial.

The bathroom has several windows. The main area has a big picture window by the location of the soaker tub. The shower has three windows to bring natural light to the area.

Skimstone shower surround

The shower head is flanked with two “windows” to the main bathroom area allowing light from the picture window above the tub to spill into the shower.

In a matter of days the floor and shower surround were finished! Look for pictures of the finished room in a future blog. We wouldn’t miss the opportunity to showcase such a modern room.

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Artworks Spokane

Now with the launch of a second location in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, we thought it necessary to explain the differences between the purpose of the two locations.

Artworks Spokane building facade

Artworks Spokane’s Studio in Spokane Valley, WA. Prepare to be Inspired

Since 1994 Artworks Spokane has been developing into a decorative arts authority here in Spokane, Washington. Nancy has been known and recognized nationally for her teaching abilities, knowledge, and technique. Along with classes in Faux, Concrete, and Plasters, Artworks Spokane specializes in custom contracting. In 2010 we opened the doors to our Marietta studio, Studio 8, with the sole purpose of having a location where finishes are displayed, clients can meet around a design table and discuss options, classes can be held with plenty of room and inspiration, and supplies can be purchased for do-it-yourself projects.

custom work by Artworks Spokane

From Left to Right: Plaster wall finish with Aspen Tree relief; Custom built wine rack buffet; Covered sun porch concrete overlay floor; Decorative Concrete overlay countertop

Artworks Spokane focuses on the Contracting side of a very creative business. “Transforming Ordinary Surfaces into Works of Art” is our tagline and it is what we pride ourselves on doing. Just about any surface that stands still long enough can be transformed into something beautiful! Walls, Floors, Countertops, Showers, Ceilings, Cabinetry, Furniture, Driveways, Patios and more, are just a few of the surfaces we specialize in transforming. We also hold classes in the studio. These classes range in skill level from beginner to the contractor seeking new certifications. The showroom has been finished with many of the techniques we offer and holds thousands of samples available by our highly qualified and trained team of artisans. We still sell Chalk Paint® and we carry many other sundries needed to get your job done, as well as the products to the classes we teach.

A few of our favorite things at the Coeur d'Alene store

CdA specializes in Chalk Paint®, hand painted furniture, pottery and glass, teas and florals.

Now, what is different about Coeur d’Alene? Artworks Coeur d’Alene is an extension of Artworks Spokane. This location is a boutique featuring hand painted furniture, home decor, and Chalk Paint®. Artworks Cd’A is a retail driven location. Both stores carry the tagline “transforming ordinary surfaces into works of art”. In our Coeur d’Alene store this is found in everything we have for purchase. The hand painted furniture has been transformed to breathe new life and begin a second phase. We only choose the highest quality pieces to invest time in. As for the home decor and gifts? Each item entering our store has gone through a rigorous examination as to whether it falls under the tagline’s standards. Hand crafted jewelry, unique candles, pottery and glass, dinnerware and teas are just a few of the beautiful, high quality items you will find in our one-of-a-kind home decor boutique.

I hope this helps you in understanding the difference between the two locations. While both carry Chalk Paint® and feature our custom work, Spokane is designed to focus on the custom contracting side, and Coeur d’Alene is designed to cater to the retail end. We love beautiful things. We are passionate about transforming ordinary surfaces into works of art. And we support those who do!

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Custom Fun: A Mural for North Town Mall

Look at what our Peggy has been up to. She began planning and drawing the initial concept on August 2. She researched old postcards and images that represent our great city.

By Monday, August 5, she was choosing final colors and gathering supplies. She doesn’t waste any time!

Tuesday morning she started with this

blank wall - ready for a mural

The size of the wall to be finished is approximately 13′ high by 26′ wide.

She got right to work and before the day was over she had made incredible progress.

just one and half days into the project and all the letters are blocked.

Letters are blocked, sky started, and drawing roughed in… after 1-1/2 days.

Back to work the next day…

2-1/2 days in and background is all roughed in.

Background is taking shape – including Mount Spokane, the Spokane River and falls, Gondolas, and Monroe Street Bridge.

And now for the FUN part. 😉 Each letter has a Spokane monument or well known event represented.

filling in the letters in the word Spokane.

The third day finds the O, K, N, and most of E filled in.

On the fourth and fifth days she filled in the A and the rest of the background…

Spokane postcard mural amost finished

only one letter left…

Riverfront Park images in the Spokane Postcard Mural

S contains images from Riverfront Park


O: The Garland District
K: Bloomsday and Hoopfest
A: Lilac Festival

N: is for North Town Mall

N: is for North Town Mall
E: Fairchild Air Force Base

The P contains logos from the local sports teams. She had to wait on approval from all the organizations to complete this.

The finished North Town Mall Spokane Postcard mural

The finished product! Not bad for 6 full days work. She’s a speedy one.

Love the finished product! Much better for the shoppers than a big white wall. She did a great job of camouflaging the door as well. You can’t even see it unless you’re looking for it! Job well done, Peggy! Way to represent Artworks.

Custom Fun: A mish mash of stuff…

OK – ya know what? We’re just like most of you. Sometimes we forget to take “Before” pictures… or we forget to send them to me – the blogger/graphic designer. But, it’s ok. Today, I’m going to show you a mish mash of stuff we’ve been up to. All of these projects have been completed by our muralist and faux finisher, Peggy Best. She’s awesome! Take a look at what she’s been up to the past three weeks.

Remember the restoration project we blogged about a few weeks ago (the one with all the smoke damage and Peggy on the high, high, high scaffold)? This is a photo of one of the bathroom vanities she glazed. Isn’t the architecture GORGEOUS?!

Custom bathroom vanitiesThis mural was done in one of the bedrooms in an adult group home.

mural of flowers in bedroomThis client wanted a faux niche above this fine furniture. I love how the bricks fade out… she’s talented I tell you!

faux niche That same client wanted Peggy to transform this beautiful armoire. Love the unexpected color inside.

chalk paint® armoireHere we had a painted fire place surround. The clients wanted it a bit softer. She glazed each brick – looks totally natural!

colored rock fireplaceThis is a custom painting. The “before” of this picture can be seen in any art store that carries blank canvases. 😉

custom paintingAnd this is what it looks like above her mantle! AMAZING!

custom painting installedAnd finally, she helped these homeowners make their surround “blemish free”… can you find the speakers?

hidden speakersHow’s that for a mish mash?

Custom Fun: Back Porch Repair

The summertime season is synonymous with porch living. Whether you’re rocking in the swing, lounging in a chair sipping lemonade, or chatting on the steps with a neighbor, the porch is the place to both start the day or close it out. It seems great neighborhoods are made around porches.  So we were thrilled to help this family restore their back porch when they came to us. Located in an historic neighborhood, this porch had seen many seasons, summer BBQ’s, parties, and lazy days. The four distinct seasons had taken their toll on the concrete steps and walls. It was time for intercession and repair!

porch damage

Weather and use have left the wall cap and patio floor damaged.

the way to the job site.

This winding switchback was the perfect way to get the concrete and tools up to the job site.

Once the product and tools were unloaded and the work area set up, John, Paul, and Jake removed the failing cap.

the crumbling wall prior to Artworks involvement

Next, they used a grinder to remove the heaves and smooth the uneven surface.

larger cracks were repaired and patched with a cement patch.

Larger cracks were repaired and patched with a cement patch.

Once the surface was prepared they moved on to the wall. Forms were built to enclose the bricks that had been protected from the weather.

forms built and ready for concrete

Forms are built to hold the new concrete.

concrete in forms

Once the concrete has been poured, plastic is used to cover the fresh cement to ensure even cure.

With the patio and wall ready for color, the boys began acid staining. The end result will yield years of watching children play, sipping iced tea, and rocking the summer nights away.

the finished porch looking out to the street.

The new surface and beautiful color enhances the view.

the finished porch looking out to the backyard.

This backyard invites the garden enthusiast, afternoon-siesta-taker, and good-book-reader!

Back porch ready for some patio furniture.

The newly finished patio is just waiting for the perfect furniture to get back into the swing of summer living.

On to the next one. Summer and outdoor weather are fleeting and not long enough for the homes that need help! Stay tuned for more.

Custom Fun: Curb Appeal

Take a look at this recent custom concrete overlay job we finished.

The homeowners had a previous overlay job done with a stamped rock finish. After several years of freezing, thawing, and “ice-melt”, the overlay began delaminating and failing. In an effort to repair and beautify once again, the couple contacted us to fix it.

Here are the before pictures:

chipped and delaminating concrete finish

concrete spalling

Here is a close up of the effected area.

one more view of the failing overlay

Another view of the front porch

Our guys patched the problem area to bring it back up to level. There was still sealer around the outer edges of the porch, so they prepped that concrete with a special bonding product and proceeded to cover the entire porch with another overlay. This time, rather than stamping the concrete, John hand carved stones in the finish. They then colored the concrete and sealed it.

Here is the finished product!

finished product overall

The finished product. There is no comparison!

close up

A close up of the color and stone shapes.

rez_after3_blogAnother set of satisfied customers! Now, on to the next outdoor job! The season is too short for all the concrete that needs attention!! Until next time, prepare to be inspired.