White Room Challenge

Every year we participate in three Home Shows. This year the Premier Home Improvement Show, put on by the Spokane Home Builders Association, held a White Room Challenge. When they asked us to participate, we were all in! How fun to showcase our design abilities and finishes!!

There were three of us on board: Gregg Johnson with LGD Designs, Melissa Helvey with Gina’s Design Center, and Nancy Jones (me!) with Artworks Spokane. The project was to design a kitchen in a 10×12 space – floor to “ceiling”. There weren’t any stipulations. The timeframe: 4 days from framing to completion. BRING ON THE CHALLENGE!

Our theme was French Country.

kitchen storyboard

The storyboard shows our color theme and design feel.

We started by designing custom cabinets. Since we weren’t ordering these from a cabinet manufacturer but rather finishing them ourselves we had to work on them before the “white room challenge” timeframe. These were built and delivered to our studio. Once that overhead door was closed we hit the ground running! There was quite a bit of finishing to accomplish in a little over a week. Peggy, Carol, Annette, Mary, Robin, Kim, and myself worked on these cabinets!

cabinets before

Robin and Annette get busy prepping the cabinets for paint and stain.

We gained access to the space on Wednesday before the show. Kim went in to stain the beams of our faux ceiling and finish the walls with an acrylic plaster called SandStone. This plaster has ground up pecan shells that reveal a beautiful texture and movement when troweled back. This gave us the old world feel we wanted. John and Dave put the floor in at this time as well.

Thursday morning the cabinets were delivered and installed (ok, this took more than the morning). 🙂 Once those were done we could begin decorating! Along with the cabinets we finished a bench with Chalk Paint® and Annie Sloan fabrics. Throw in some pillows and table linens… and voila! Our french country kitchen is complete!

cabinets and bench

Our bench was created from the backs of two dining room chairs. Annie Sloan fabric pillows and cushion adorn the seat. The cabinets were a custom yellow/gold color for the uppers and a custom green mix for the lowers. Both mixes were made from 100% Chalk Paint® colors.

window mural french country landscape scene

Our muralist – Peggy, finished this beautiful countryside garden mural to hang outside our window. We used a shop light behind the display to backlight the art, giving it depth.

left_side of the kitchen

Our corner cabinet had built in space for a wine refrigerator and microwave.

hutch-table duo

No country kitchen is complete without a china hutch. 😉 Our table slides under the countertop for optimum space management.

Artworks White Room Kitchen

And here is our finished product!

We had so much fun competing in this challenge! When show-goers voted for their favorite kitchen design they were also entered into a drawing for $4,000.00 worth of kitchen appliances donated by Fred’s Appliance. You can imagine our delight when the winners were a couple just getting ready to move into their first home!

fred's appliance winners

Sheena and her husband won the drawing for $4,000.00 worth of appliances from Fred’s Appliance. So happy for them!

And finally, this is Gregg Johnson, of LGD Design. He built this kitchen design. (He won the contest… by something like 25 votes.)

Gregg Johnson kitchen design

Modern-Eclectic-Awesomeness. Each kitchen had a completely different feel.

And Melissa of Gina’s Design Center brought this clean, sleek design to the contest.

Gina's Design Center Kitchen design for the White Room Challenge

Ultra clean with a combination of modern elements and traditional architecture. We loved the illuminated cabinets and under lower cabinet lighting.

I think that about sums it up. We received a really cool time-lapse movie for participating. We have uploaded it to our YouTube channel, facebook page, and soon on our website. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Until next time, we’ll keep transforming ordinary surfaces into works of art!