Custom Fun: Best Western Pool Surround

When we speak of concrete work, “the guys”, custom jobs, and pool surrounds we aren’t generally referring to indoor pools. This time… we are. The Best Western Hotel in Ritzville needed some repair work done to their indoor pool. We waited for a “slower” season to tackle the project so we could ensure the installation was a success.

The pool surround had areas of discoloration and sealer delaminating. The guys tested the previous sealers with different chemicals to see what it would take to strip the surround. Those sealers were TOUGH. Nothing would break down the finish! So they sealed the room with plastic and tape got busy grinding the entire surround. The pool and spa had been drained to avoid making a huge mess in the water and giving the application a proper chance to cure thoroughly.

The grinding took all the previous layers of sealer and enough of the overlay off to start fresh. Our new finish was a system by Elite Crete called Quartz Broadcast Overlay. The finish has tooth and looks 1,000 times better than the failing system used before!

Artworks Spokane broadcast quartz overlay finish on the Ritzville Best Western Indoor Pool Surround.

A two tone design was chosen to highlight the lip of the pool.

Empty spa with new overlay finish on surround

Empty spa – removed any temptation for the boys to “take a break”…

Care was taken to ensure the joints and drains were taped and protected during the process!

The newly installed and completely cured concrete overlay was sealed with a very durable 2 part epoxy. Several layers were applied to ensure complete seal and create an even sheen.

Sealing the pool surround with a 2 part epoxy

The finished pool room at Ritzville Best Western Hotel.

The finished pool room with the sun shining in.

Now the pool is ready for another busy season of guests making memories while away from home – splashing, playing, lounging, and soaking. Please feel free to leave your comments. We love hearing from our followers.


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