Sunnies FroSun Yogurt – Custom Fun

We love custom jobs. When we can go into someone’s home or business and give them a finish that takes their space to the next level it brings us much satisfaction and joy. Plus, it’s just plain FUN! So we were thrilled when Molly, of Molly Scott Interior Design, came to us with a floor design for Sunnies FroSun Yogurt. Her vision included a floor that would be both durable, and have the design elements and vibrant colors incorporated in the theme for the space. Sunnies FroSun YogurtSunnies concrete design 1One of the most durable finishes available on the market for concrete flooring is polishing the existing concrete. When concrete is polished, a chemical densifier is used to make it harder. Polishing happens with pads that contain different sizes of diamonds (fancy huh?). As you work up through the various diamond grits you are also closing the pores, thereby making the floor very stain resistant. At this point color may be added to the concrete, making an otherwise drab grey floor come to life.

Along the curved wall there is also a full color beach scene, so Molly and the owners of Sunnies wanted the blue in the floor to represent water, and the tan to be like sand on a beach.

Before the fun finish

Before the fun floor finish

We used our concrete grinder to remove an existing concrete stain, as well as some carpet glue and drywall mud.

After doing some color samples for the customer, we taped off each section and colored it as per the samples.

Check out the end result!

Finished product

Finished floor

photo 2a


If you get a chance, stop in and see the floor first hand… and have some “frosun” yogurt. Who’s gonna turn that down? I mean, really…

Sunnie’s FroSun Yogurt (beside Walmart)
Spokane & Shadle Park Center (Map It)
2228 West Wellesley, Spokane, WA 99205

We enjoy being able to take a client’s vision and make it come to life. They were so pleased they asked us to finish the floor for their next location. We’re excited to have the opportunity to do what we love again soon!


‘Tis the Season: a design story

Black Friday: The official kick-off to the Christmas Season! There will be leftovers for dinner… and lunch… and breakfast. Who has time to cook with all the shopping and decorating? For that matter, who wants to? The Thanksgiving holiday finds most of us in the kitchen cooking, cleaning, and finally eating. But today? Today is about hustle and bustle, shop and ship, wrap and pack. These are just a few of the things I’m sure you have on your to-do list this season.

We have those lists too. But because we are a retail location we get started earlier than most. We had to get our decorating done prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, and truth be told, we loved getting into the Christmas spirit early. Our goal this year, as with many in our current economy, is to celebrate and decorate in style while keeping our costs minimal. We love a good challenge!

So we pulled out the tree and garlands and got to work. First we needed direction.


The Theme: 

The brainstorm (a little insight into our inspiration):

  • Many of our clients are interested in Chalk Paint™.
  • The front area of our studio is dedicated to “All Things Annie”.
  • Most of our painted furniture pieces and accessories that feature Chalk Paint are showcased in this area, therefore keeping our tree in the windows at the front of the shop meant having a Chalk Paint theme.
  • Chalk Paint is largely about repurposing and resurrecting… OK, now we’re talking! I see a plan formulating…

The Plan: 

We had unused 1/8″ hardboard that we cut into 3″and 4″ squares and diamond shapes. We found old snowflakes that we were able to use for our tree topper and in the creation of our custom ornaments. We painted the handles on our shop brushes and printed oversized gift certificates made out to “my multi-talented mom”, “my creative cutie”, “my handy husband”, and “my glitzy grandma” to name a few. We gathered supplies from around the store (and property) like paint stir sticks, picture frames, and branches from the over grown bushes outside to fill out our tree. And finally, we printed oversized hands from Annie’s logo on photo paper and cut them out.

supplies used for our homemade tree

We painted the ornaments with all the colors in the Chalk Paint line. With some of the ornaments we broke out the gilding wax, some were stenciled with Wood Icing. Our crackled ornaments were coated with Fissure size for a large crackle and others got the Annie Sloan craqueleur topcoat. Lastly, some were embellished with hand painted words: love, peace, joy, merry, etc.

Annie Ornaments

Ornaments: Wood Icing snowflake impression, hand painted words, Annie Sloan’s craqueleur topcoat, Wood Icing embossed snowflake.

And then, we trimmed the tree! What fun to see your brainstorm come to life! Stick some branches here, hang a brush there, tie a ribbon here, stuff a gift certificate there, nestle a frame here, shove a stir stick there.

Annie's hands logo

gift certificate

“Oh handsome hunk! You shouldn’t have!!”

frames and wax brushes adorn the treeThe finished product!

Our Christmas Tree

I think Christmas trees are difficult to photograph – but I can’t very well write an entire design story about our tree and not show you the finished product… that wouldn’t be nice.

Under our tree we stocked it full of gift giving ideas: workshops, Chalk Paint, brushes, books, etc.

gifts under the tree

And that’s it, our Christmas tree design story. There’s just something about digging down deep and creating something from “nothing”. Anyone can spend money and decorate with new things, but we have great satisfaction and joy knowing we repurposed what we have and that we were resourceful in decorating our studio tree.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

solid color ornaments


A Design Story: Giving Back

Welcome back! It’s FRIDAY(!!) and we have another design story for you.

Thanksgiving is in the air. The calendar turns from October to November and we turn our hearts toward gratitude and sharing, toward helping others and including those in need. Our table finds room for one more place setting. Businesses abound with opportunities to help those less fortunate. That being said, when we were approached in October to help with the remodel of Mid City Concerns/Meals on Wheels it was a perfect fit!

The Extreme Team Mid City Concerns Project

Mark Peterson from Extreme Team KXLY inquired about donating a mural on one of the walls for the downtown headquarters, the current Extreme Team project. At the time the idea was to have the mural surrounding a magnetic board – going for an industrial look. The wall color was unknown. He gave us free reign on the concept for the mural. Peggy, our resident muralist, thought maybe a city scape.

As the project neared Peggy made a stop at the site to look at the overall space and get a feel for where the mural would go. She spoke with Molly, the director of Meals on Wheels, to get a little more info about what might be happening in the space. She took one of their newsletters for inspiration about the company and noticed their logo has the clock tower, pavilion, and big red wagon from Riverfront Park.

Considerations: The mural needed to be completed in a short time frame, add color to the room, and keep a downtown industrial look. So, she decided to go with a silhouette of the skyline of Riverfront Park with a colorful sunset kind of sky. Naturally, she needed to find photos as resources for the desired image. Look what she found!

Research images for the mural

Postcards, internet images, magazine ads… all of this provides inspiration and gets the creative juices flowing!

Peggy shared her thought process, “My original plan was to have a layered silhouette with various elements from the park. That was going to be too time consuming, so I decided to go with a simple clock tower and pavilion silhouette with a colorful sky using peach, gold and purple. I found a view of the park I liked and a sky with color and movement.”

As it turns out, the location of the mural changed from the magnetic board wall to an open wall. Even better! The entire mural will be seen now!! LET’S GET STARTED!

Day one collage

Peggy got started right away.

DAY ONE: Peggy arrived and was greeted by Mark Peterson and the Extreme Design team! She got right to work drawing her grid system, sketching in the silhouette of the park, taping out the silhouette area, mixing her paint colors and painting the sky as well as the sky reflection in the river! This woman doesn’t mess around!

The grid system Peggy likes to use

This is how Peggy tackles a mural – no matter the size – grid style!

DAY TWO: Getting straight to work she pulled the tape, painted in the silhouette area and made some adjustments to the sky. DONE! She packed up her things and left the area better than she found it!

beginning the silhouette

Day two is under way!

Mural Complete!

DONE! A personalized addition to a business that gives so much to our community!

The fulfillment of improving one’s work/home environment with a talent we sometimes take for granted is hard to put into words. At this time of Thanksgiving we count our blessings and rejoice that we can share with others and brighten their day through art and design.

A Design Story: Evans Family Room

Welcome to our blog! It’s the first of a new venture for us! We’re very excited to share insights, design processes, funny happenings at Studio 8, new products, and virtually anything that inspires us or we feel will help you. Prepare to be Inspired!

Our first post is A Design Story – an overview of the entire design process from conceptualization to completion. So… here we go…

Larry and Mihaela Evans came to us desiring a change in their living room… more specifically adding a Tuscan element with a Northern Idaho flare. Cool! We’re the ones to make that happen! Here’s the catch, they were thinking of putting the house on the market so the change needed to be something buyers would want as their own AND something the Evans would like if they chose to stay.

Evans Living Room remodel - before Artworks Spokane

The Italian furniture piece in front of the fireplace is the inspiration for this update.

So, where do we begin? We analyzed the existing space and determined where we should start and what needs to change in order to reach the desired end result.
Our assessment: The built-in cupboards are too orange. The mantle is formal and too small in scale. The tile isn’t making the statement it could therefore it will be replaced with natural stack granite. The color of the walls needs to blend with and tie the mantle in. To do this we suggest replacing the current mantle with a softer look using distressed wood which will compliment the new stone surround, the hard element.

The Process:

First we discuss the problem areas and create the possibility of change. This living room is viewed from the kitchen, front entry, and outside yard. It is also a pathway to the bedroom wing and needs to be functional as well as fashionable.

The Search:

We need to discover a rustic beam that has a distressed look, but also fits the dimensions and color of the space being remodeled… out to the back 40 we go!

back 40 mantle stock pile

This is what our “back 40” looks like… we have all kinds of treasures back here!

We found an historic beam taken from the docking of a 1940’s WWII Naval base in Idaho. It has had quite a story and will fit the clients sense of history as well.

The Design:

We need to add embellishments to the beam in order to incorporate the distressed and “Old World” look that will blend with the rest of the design theme.

Mantle close-up with embellishments

The worn and abused metal compliments the weathered wood to achieve that “Old World” look we are going for.

Hardware: WWII Metal strapping, aged nails, and a rusted bolt with spike to adhere the piece give it that artistic and industrial vintage look. All of it was custom fit and then sealed to protect the integrity of the wood. The patina’s and colors went beautifully with the stone work of the new fireplace surround.

Round 1 complete - fireplace surround complete, mantle complete

Surround: done, Mantle: done, Cabinets: next

Already a dramatic improvement! The final element is staining the cabinets to tie it all together. Look at this finished room!

The finished room - complete with two dogs lounging fireside

Cozy, comfortable, and soothing… this color scheme and update exudes warmth while remaining neutral.

Project complete! There you have it – a good overview of the process from start to finish. Check back next week and Prepare to be Inspired!